Freezio sensor is a unique mobile application for the collection of all the data which is necessary for the analysis of a figure skating jump.

Jumps are one of the most complex elements in figure skating and in order to achieve the best results they require meticulous preparation and thorough analysis.

 Now the performance analysis became easier than ever. You can conduct jump height, exit angle and the number of rotation analysis without using complex and bulky devices. Fast, accurate, and precise solution is now literary in your pocket. Our mobile application Freezio Sensor for the data analysis of the jumps in figure skating uses standard, for every contemporary mobile phone, sensors – gyroscope and accelerometer.


Data collection

Freezio Sensor app gathers all necessary data from your phone’s sensors and using our mathematic model constructs all data that you need for an efficient analysis of the main characteristics of the figure skating jump.

Data collection for machine learning and jump analysis is gathered with accelerometer and gyroscope. This solution lets you to collect your data offline and without GPS. Android system does not require any additional permissions for the usage of accelerometer and gyroscope. This significantly saves your battery life.

This way Freezio Sensor give you a unique opportunity to improve your performance in figure skating jumps without additional expensive measuring devices or professional figure skating movement analytics. Applications from Freezio family serve as your personal coach right in your pocket.

Freezio Sensor instructions

This is how you can work with Freezio Sensor:

  • When the “record” button is on our app collects data from the gyroscope and accelerometer. The speed depends on your mobile phone configurations.
  • When the “save” button is pressed the app then sends the data to the database divided into two files Accelerometer.txt and Gyroscope.txt. You can see these files when the card is saved. After sending the data to the database you will see the “loaded” status on the card. This is shown with the tick indicator which will be coloured yellow.
  • Based on this data and our mathematical algorithm the app calculates your personal jump characteristics and the card with your results is formed. This card will be shown green in the list.


Currently the app in in the active development phase. We need a lot of diverse data to train our mathematical models in order to create new algorithms for movement calculation which will extend to other sports.

If you would like to help developers or you would like data for your own movements, you can use the “other” field when creating the card. These days we are training our app to measure long\broad jumps.


Freezio Sensor will help if necessary the analysis and collection of sports data. To achieve great sporting results in the modern world, all available means are used. Unfortunately, there is no single method for collecting data from an athlete for further processing. Using data from other athletes to analyze and improve performance on your team can lead to inaccurate calculations. Our application will allow you to analyze the specific sports activities of a particular athlete and achieve maximum accuracy of data analysis for the subsequent improvement of training.

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4 years ago

This is a really useful application. But now I can’t skate because the ice park was closed. I want to use it for a long jump? What do you think is it possible?

Reply to  Freezio Team
4 years ago

I tried to do the long jump in the street and made a video for you –
Application makes perfect calculation and shares it in It works, thank you for this application. But now I will think about jump analysing, it is very interesting.

freezio sensor