development and testing of information systems

IT Test is an outstanding company in the IT development field.

We started as an outsourcing and outstaffing company in the software testing field, but then rapidly grew towards designing, testing, and developing cutting-edge IT solutions.

IT Test is holding a leading position in the field thanks to our successful one-of-a-kind projects combining 3D modeling, machine learning, VR/AR and many more.

If you were to ask, which of our projects we are especially proud of, we would certainly name the Freezio Family mobile applications, the Streamity ecosystem, the FATS platform for automated QA testing, and the DoQA testing management system. All these projects are highly praised among our international clients.

Our values


Our employees are more than just a hired workforce. We are united by a passion for our field of expertise, an academic mindset, and an unbroken enthusiasm towards cutting-edge IT technologies and development. Thus far, our staff counts 60 members and we can proudly say that our offices resemble a sci-fi lab, where top notch professionals gather to share their experience while doing their favourite job. Our team is about people as much as anything else. We are friends and this is the main reason why our employee turnover is less than 4%.

Our clients.

IT Test is its people. We love what we do, and we do it outstandingly. We work with our clients’ most daring ideas. A friendly attitude and a personal approach are what makes IT Test remarkable. The more challenging, unique, and off-the-beaten-path our clients’ project is, the more we are enthusiastic to stand up to the challenge. Dare to dream is our motto. Client-centered gets a whole new meaning with us. Most importantly, we see the human behind the customer. This way every project we take on, we treat as a child and we nurture it as if it were our own. This approach always makes it easy to meet our clients halfway and solve all difficulties that might appear during the development phase. We put our clients first and they become a part of our team.

Our projects.

Challenging projects are our speciality. We genuinely believe that anything is possible. Our projects are notable for their personal approach and unlimited fantasy. Daring our team is the best thing about our clients’ projects. This fuels our interest and ambitions. As any highly professional team, we love to test our limits and are happy to demonstrate that we can always be better and reach higher. Our growth lies with you and your dreams. Dare to dream! Welcome to our sci-fi lab!