FREEZIO Figure Skating 3D - Training app for jumps

FREEZIO offers you more ways to fall in love with figure skating. It is a FREE application designed to help both young or adult skaters, parents and coaches understand the standards and fundamental knowledge set for jumps in figure skating with the use of the high definition 3D models. FREEZIO is here to help you regardless of your experience. The 3D mode and AI technologies are brought together in FREEZIO to unleash your full potential. Our application shows up like a personal assistant with training content – many figure skating elements – and will help you organize, study, improve your training and get better on the ice rink.

3D models

Tailored 3D technology helps you study figure skating jumps and perfect your ice skating moves. Skeleton view easily displays the anatomy of body movements. Focusing on limb stability gives you more understanding on how to perform ice-skating moves.

3 types of avatars

FREEZIO understands how important it is to have a personalized tutorial. The avatar settings give you the opportunity to tailor 3D models as close to your body anatomy as possible. This option will breathe new life in your ice-skating training. Trajectory tracking display shows arms and skates trails. Freezio brings you to the forefront of the most innovative and fun ways to train on ice. You can personalize the color of the trajectory trails and make your training session brighter. Understanding proper trajectory of a figure skating jump will improve your performance during the training sessions.

avatar setting - 10 дюймов Аватары

Rotation in different axes

Common 2D training tutorials or videos all lack this option. While studying a jump it is better to see it from different angles. Rotate, stop or zoom at any point of the jump to discover all the hidden details of any figure skating element. Freezio helps you improve your GOE by showing you every figure skating jump in detail.

Speed settings

You are here to get better at figure skating. Avoid missing key moments, adapt video playback speed, slow down the animation or scroll through the video frame by frame. Perfect your ice skating moves as you study the jump element by pausing or rewinding at any moment. FREEZIO’s cutting edge technology enables you to move through the animation both backwards and forwards at any speed and angle. This is different from classic video rewind where all details of the element get lost because your only option is to repeatedly watch the move going forward.

speed set up - 7 дюймов Скорость

Number of revolutions

Unleash your full potential! Choose the number of revolutions and study any figure skating jump at your own pace. FREEZIO is packed with options for both beginners and professional athletes. If you are a coach FREEZIO will help you manage your students’ progress with personalized feedback.

Many different jumps

Axel, Flip, Loop, Lutz, Salchow and Toe Loop your way around the ice-skating rink. Animated tutorials of many different ISU approved jumps will help you jump to the top of the world skating ranks! Choose from both edge jumps and toe jumps to come up with your own skating routine.

Background and camera settings

You can choose and adapt three different backgrounds depending on your own preference: plain ice, ice rink or ice palace. The default camera setting follows the animated model, but you can adapt this to see the figure skating jump from the perspective of the coach, judge or audience.

Sketch Mode

Allows you to draw and annotate on the screenshots. Stop the animation at any point in time, rotate it in the angle needed, zoom in or out and then take a screenshot. Write your notes, measure angles, share on social media, send to a friend, a student or a coach via messenger.


Participating in figure skating has risks. Freezio is a training manual. While all elements of the jumps were made with recommendations of the highly qualified coaches, they are NOT replacing professional instruction or trainer! Improper use of Freezio may result in bodily harm! Freezio is not responsible for injuries resulting from (direct or indirect) use of this app. Pay attention to the surroundings and your skating skills level in order to avoid harming yourself or others.



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