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Freezio Figure Skating Application

Freezio Figure Skating - Training App for Jumps

Freezio offers you more ways to fall in love with figure skating. As a FREE mobile application Freezio is designed to help both young or adult skaters, parents and coaches understand the standards and fundamental knowledge set for jumps in figure skating with the use of the high definition 3D models.

Freezio is here to help you regardless of your experience. The 3D mode and AI technologies are brought together in Freezio to unleash your full potential.

Freezio application shows up like a personal assistant with training content – many figure skating elements – this way Freezio will help you organize, study and improve your figure skating technique and get better on the ice rink.

Freezio sensor mobile app

Freezio sensor is a unique mobile application for the collection of all the data necessary for the analysis of a figure skating jump.

Jumps are one of the most complex elements in figure skating and in order to achieve the best results they require meticulous preparation and thorough analysis.

 Now the performance analysis became easier than ever. You can conduct jump height, exit angle and the number of rotation analysis without using complex and bulky devices. Fast, accurate, and precise solution is now literary in your pocket. Our mobile application Freezio Sensor is made specifically for the data analysis of the jumps in figure skating and uses standard, for every contemporary mobile phone, sensors – gyroscope and accelerometer.


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